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Welcome and thank you for taking your time to visit our website. We are currently pursuing a Football program that is operating in western Sydney, Australia. In order to achieve this aim, it is important that we start with raising awareness in the community through the provision of a football program in Australia. Therefore, I wholeheartedly invite you to support the Nile Football Program as we work on the logistic and venues for the Nile Football program in western Sydney. We take your child’s individual learning very serious and important. Our core values are to cultivate the best out of your child’s talent and prepare them for future career in Football and broaden their friendship network. We believe that a child needs to develop his/her physical, psychological, emotional and social skills to be able to make it into professional football career; therefore our programs target these areas of a child’s development. We work day and night to research, trial and gather information for the betterment of your child’s talent. I hope that we will get the same commitment from you to enable us to achieve our goal, which is to develop your child’s talent. Join us today and let us build a future for South Sudan, moreover, a future for your child!! Respects,


Abraham Ajhok Kuol

CEO, Nile Football Program

Western Sydney Multicultural Football League Table

1 Blacktown FC 13 1 0 40
2 Aweil United FC 12 2 0 38
3 Equatoria FC 11 3 0 36
4 Ngok United FC 11 2 1 35
5 Direct Energy FC 11 1 2 34
6 Rumbek FC 11 0 3 33
7 Football Stars FC 9 5 0 32
8 TMT FC 10 2 2 32
9 Aweil Buffalo 9 4 1 31
10 Bor Bright Stars 10 1 3 31
11 Lake United FC 8 2 4 26
12 Eithad FC 7 5 2 26
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